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In 1997 Starna Industries developed its first range of top coating aimed at those using its range of UV drying equipment specifically designed for speed of cure, since then it has developed those products further to include water based adhesive enhancers and many other "tricky" product requirements. Like the original CureCoatĀ® specifically designed for the HP digital range of presses, now available to suit most of the range of digital presses currently on the market.

The important point of note is that this development has been customer led, due to gaps in the current structure of the coatings market, where the trend is to a single one fits all product portfolio. Which as the initial users of HP digital presses recognised, does not easily fit the vast range of presses, substrates and printing methods available, hence the development of the CureCoatĀ® range.

In Feb 2009, with over 30 years experience within the graphic printing market the team at WSL global were pleased to add Starna Industries Ltd product & customer range to its network of supplies specifically aimed at the global printing market, where specific performances are the key objective, not letting the job go to the competition.

WSL has developed a range of high quality UV, quick curing and low odour products, most fit the food packaging standards and can be offered as "benzo free" or "4- Methbenzophenone free" derivatives for those in the more discerning markets.

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